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Search Engine Optimization

Image by Adeolu Eletu
Why SEO Is Important

SEO is a process that affects online visibility.  It tells search engines that your website is worth showing.  This section is considered free, but the content on the webpage needs to be relevant to search queries.  It is an effective way to drive quality traffic to your website. 

Keyword Research

​Keywords are the quintessential force behind website rankings.  We perform keyword research to determine the focus, primary, and long tailed keywords for the website.  Search engines determine if the website and keywords are consistent, and relevant. 

Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 4.34.45 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 4.34.56 PM.png
On-page Optimization

Search Engine Optimization ensures higher rankings, and relevant traffic.  We help search engines to understand the topic and focus of each landing page on the website.  We can help determine which pre-existing pages need to be updated and enhanced.

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