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Why Digital Marketing in Philadelphia?

Did you know that the city of Philadelphia is the 4th largest media market in the entire nation? This gives a lot of insight on how large of an audience this city holds. Considering the 45 million plus people living within a 200 mile radius, along with the 18 Fortune 500 companies in the surrounding areas, Philadelphia is filled with wealth. This proves that this is a great city where companies can use digital marketing to increase business and revenue.

The vast audience can be intimidating. One may ask themselves, “Whats so great about marketing in a highly  populated city?” while some may think that there are simply too many other businesses to compete against.  However, it's important to remember that people love options! Residing in a diverse city benefits both business owners consumers.  It allows potential patrons to see your business and what makes you stand out amongst the crowd.  Companies are able to fulfill the need for those that fall in their niche audience, allowing their services to be broadcast to millions of people. 

The fastest growing trend in showcasing businesses is through online advertisement.  With the fast-pace of city life, most people aren’t paying attention to billboards or searching through news papers ads to fulfill their needs.  The majority of consumers use their their phones to render services. This digital age is very beneficial to businesses: imagine pushing your company to consumers for a fraction of the cost of a television ad, radio ad, or a billboard. Digital marketing is a lot less expensive and much faster; changes can be made on the fly.

This city of Philadelphia, while one of the most historical in the county, maintains a thriving demographic of business owners.  There are always people in the market looking for services, and products.  If your were to ever advertise digitally, why not choose the second largest city on the east coast to market to?  When looking to grow your business and increase revenue KANE Digital, a company created and grown in the city of Philadelphia, is the answer.  

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