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Urban Marketing

Marketing in a metropolitan area is quite different than advertising in rural spaces; big city marketing deserves a really unique approach that is tailored specifically to urban audiences. According to, the definition of urban is “relating to, or characteristic of a town or city”; thus, with a large amount of city residents living in a fast-paced society, urban marketing is in high demand since it consists of quick and fast advertisements that will appeal to the masses.

Urban marketing is most successful when customized to each group being targeted. Philadelphia is a densely populated city and the testing of different styles of advertising is necessary in order to  determine which ads are most effective. In order to hit your targeted demographic, it is crucial to know demographical differences, and to make sure appropriate messaging is being used. Creating marketing campaigns with multiple layers of demographics such as age, zip code, household income, and gender have proven to be extremely beneficial.  Without an experienced team on your side, focusing on the urban target audience while balancing the demographic specifics can be very difficult. 

KANE Digital knows the different types of residents in the city of Philadelphia and is prepared and equipped at assisting you with targeting your ideal consumer. We specialize in virtual marketing services. People perform their own extensive research of products online. These days, closing a deal can be done via email, phone call, or even a direct message.  As a company founded by true Philadelphians, we recognize that urban marketing takes a more digital approach based on the needs of the modern fast-paced consumer. Resulting in, final decisions being made much faster. 

Urban environments have more stores which creates a wider range of options; it's more difficult, then, to acquire brand loyalty than ever before. However, with a skilled company such as KANE Digital by your side, you will reap the advantages that appropriate urban marketing can bring. The objective of digital marketing is to quickly capture attention while highlighting the business.  For example, the most recent trends consist of “green” or “eco-friendly” trigger words. At KANE Digital, we would incorporate these trends in our virtual services for you while also building upon your business's niche and your target demographic. In urban marketing, one of the best position to be in is a “cutting-edge” company and we are committed to helping you reach that goal. 

Owning, running, and maintaining a business can be pretty time consuming. It can be overwhelming to even think about marketing--let alone, the ever changing field of digital marketing. KANE Digital will build your brand and show your business to those in need of your services or products, all the while capturing the attention of those who will need you in the future.

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